couples therapy

Relationships with a significant other are one of the most important and satisfying relationships you will ever have. The impact of of this relationship can affect one's physical and emotional health. Because relationships are dynamic, even those that begin in healthy connection can deteriorate over time; whether through affairs (emotional or physical) which create a painful rift in the marriage relationship, or season of life. Most of the time, loss of connection is a symptom [or symptomatic] of deeper issues. Iā€™m committed to addressing the crisis and the issues with empathy and strength. I offer help in coming along side of you to strengthen the many facets of your relationship and help you learn to connect, not just communicate or problem solve. I am trained in EFT as well as Gottman methods.

Some possible issues to focus on:

  • Learning to connect; not just communicate

  • Uncovering stressful areas and resolving conflict

  • Exploring families of origin

  • Parenting

  • Working through betrayal

  • Stages of marriage from newlywed to empty nest

  • Discernment about next steps in a relationship

  • Separation, divorce, remarriage, and blended families