I have found with many couples that a standard 50 minute sessions does not allow enough time to dig deep into presenting issues of years and years of bitterness, resentment and pain. Couples don’t start their marriage off thinking they would get to such an impasse of any kind of intimacy. Most couples who book an intensive are at a place of such disconnect that they cannot continue with things the way they are any longer.

Time is a significant requisite for healing, growth and change, as well as restoring intimacy. I offer true hope and real help to couples who have run out of options. I work with couples whose marriages are in severe crisis, but who go on to experience major breakthrough during an intensive. If you are needing either a tune up or a major overhaul in your marriage, an intensive offers a powerful model of therapeutic soul care which is well worth the investment of time, heart and money.

Intensives are three full 8 hour days in one-on-one therapy. Each partner has time to share their personal experience in the marriage, as well as the pain and hurt they bear. As they do this together, a clearer picture is formed of the deep-rooted dynamics that have led to a breakdown in their bond. We will spend time engaging in a new way to hear and hold the other’s story and emotions. The unhealthy protective walls that have been built up for years can be dismantled to reveal a more vulnerable self which results in deeper connection with one another.